Shelf cleaning and maintenance(人气:) 
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Bookshelves, as the name suggests, refers to the broad sense of people used to put the book specifically for the apparatus, and because of its shape, structure and other different, there are books, bookcases, bookcases and other names, but the reference is this Classes are devoted to the instruments of the book, it is the universal utensils in our lives, many families have such a special book shelves. But in daily life, how can we clean the shelves in order to make it longer life, better service for the owner?

1, first of all, to try to avoid exposure to water shelves bookshelves. In the daily use of the process, should try to avoid the shelves exposed to moisture, or easy to cause the surface of the shelves rust, affecting the appearance and use of bookshelves. And bookshelves generally have to store a lot of books, books can not touch the water, otherwise it is easy to damage to the books, affecting the quality of the book, so usually try to avoid shelves and water contact, is very necessary.

2, and secondly, to avoid sharp objects cut off the surface of the bookshelf. In the usual use of the bookshelf in the process, to try to avoid the shelves and sharp objects of contact, if scratched the shelves of the surface, one is the impact of the shelves of the beautiful, two more easily make the bookshelf to the air oxidation, rust and so on. Moreover, when the shelves of the rusty part of the long-term contact with the book, the book is also easy to be destroyed to the maintenance of the book is very unfavorable.

3, and in the shelves for cleaning, it is best to use a clean wet wipe to wipe it clean, and then dry with a dry cloth to avoid moisture residue, resulting in rusty bookshelf, affecting the preservation of the book Wait.

4, the shelves placed in the moderate temperature of the place. Bookshelves intolerant sunshine exposure, so it is placed in the temperature is more moderate place, is very necessary. And a long time affected by the sunshine, the preservation of the book is also very unfavorable.